A Try at the Garden of Eden

Step back to a time when Elegance and Sophistication were a way of life.


Brittany and Chuck Vows at Eden Try September 2014!


Brittany and Chuck met in May of 2013 while bowling with the young adults group at Mount Ararat, called the Branch. They hung out over the course of a couple weeks in groups with other friends, then one day Chuck decided to ask Brittany if they could get together outside of their group of friends to get to know each other better. For the next couple of weeks they enjoyed dinner, bowling, and playing pool. On June 7, Chuck asked Brittany if they could make their relationship more exclusive and they continued to grow together throughout the summer and fall. Brittany and Chuck based their relationship upon a Christian foundation where they continued to pray for each other and where God wanted to take them. On December 7, 2013, exactly 6 months after they became exclusive, Chuck proposed to Brittany at Mount Ararat Baptist Church because that is where their relationship blossomed and grew. Brittany and Chuck plan to be married on September 13, 2014.


Lucky Duck? Sarah Armstrong and Aaron 6-28-14

1491767_10202873914391633_942701181_nAaron and I are both Majors in the Marine Corps.  I am an Adjutant and he is an Infantry Officer.  We met in 2001 when we were in the same platoon at The Basic School, which is a 6 month school that all new 2nd Lt’s in the Marine Corps have to attend.   Although we never spent time together there, we reconnected at the Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot in 2005 when we were both stationed there.

We got engaged on January 3, 2014.  He surprised me late on a Friday night when I arrived at his house.  We were going hunting the next day (where I got my first duck ever – engagement luck, perhaps?) so when I arrived at his house, I was pretty tired but he had everything spread out on his kitchen island and the surprise waiting!

Whitney Milliken’s Oct 11th, 2014 wedding at Eden Try Estate


Copyright 2014 • Photography by Chris Landrigan


Paul made dinner and told me he had a present for me. I kept asking if I could have my present yet but he told me I had to wait until after dinner. So after dinner I asked again and he said I had to sit for a little while. So I did and then he went into the office and came out with a brand new fishing rod and reel for me. He told me he bought it for me since I had out fished him the weekend before. I stood there spinning the reel and admiring the rod and he said “You don’t see it?” And when I looked again I saw that he had tied a diamond ring to it. He got down on one knee and asked “Will you fish with me for the rest of my life?” Of course I jumped on him and said yes. Then I said you have to actually ask the real words though so he asked if I’d marry him and again I obviously said yes!

Megan Hill and Zach, 2 August 2014


Zach and I had just gotten home from his birthday dinner with his parents (who had been visiting from Ohio), Nick and his girlfriend. Although we had eaten way more than we should have, it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Zach and have some cake. We invited my parents, my brother, his girlfriend and my beautiful niece Maggie over to help us chow down some cake. We all sang Happy Birthday to Zach while I held the cake. After the song, Zachs dad said “you have to make a wish now before you blow out the candles.” As I was started to tell him he better wish for our future, he got down on one knee and wished the ring he gotten me would fit and popped the question!! My reaction wasn’t quite what I rehearsed growing up but my jumping up and down would work for a yes. Now we are counting down the days for “I DO.”

We’ve been named one of the Top Wedding Venues once again!



eCertifiate-newsletter_zps0d30dd5bEden Try Estate has once again been named as one of the Top 10 Wedding Venues by Virginia Living Magazine!








Rebecca’s One in a Million Proposal Story!


Because of two foot surgeries, I had spent an entire summer being confined to crutches and a wheelchair.   As a result, I missed out on things like swimming, any type of walking, and my favorite…going to the beach!  Once I was back at school and was finally able to walk my fiancé was so excited that he decided he’d treat me to a trip to a private romantic beach for a day. I was thrilled, especially since it would be my first time at the beach since my surgeries!

We took a boat to the beach and set up a picnic. After we ate lunch, he asked me if I’d like to dig a hole. (I love digging holes at the beach because of all of the interesting things I find.) We picked a spot next to our blanket and started digging. Not long after that, we hit something hard. I brushed off the sand and realized that it was a message in a bottle! I had never found one before, so I saying I was shocked would be an understatement. I shoved the bottle into my fiancé’s hand and exclaimed, “OH MY GOSH! A message in a bottle! Let’s take pictures with it so we can document the phases of opening it!”

He awkwardly posed with the bottle, but I was so excited that I hadn’t noticed how he was acting a little strange. He handed me the bottle for me to take a picture with and then told me I should open it. I pulled the note out of the bottle and began to read it. The first thing I noticed was that it was addressed to me. Then I recognized the handwriting. It was a letter from my fiancé to me! That’s when my heart really started to pound. I read through the sweet letter that closed with the statement, “with that being said…..”

At this point, I felt like I was in a daze. Could this really be what I think it is? I looked up from the letter and found my fiancé down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever laid eyes on. That’s when he said those four wonderful words…”will you marry me?” When I was growing up, I always pictured myself reacting to this question with a big smile while I joyfully replied “yes!” This was not at all what happened. As soon as the reality of the question sank in, I burst into tears. Maybe it was the overwhelming joy I was feeling? Or maybe I was so stunned and excited that the only way I felt I could get my emotions out was by crying? All I know is that I wanted nothing more than to marry this man. I was brought back to reality when my fiancé wrapped his arms around me and said, “So is that a yes?” All I could do was nod my head and sniffle out a happy “yes.” I have never been so happy in my entire life.

A Letter from the Bride’s Family….

Dear Gary and Linda,
Words cannot express our gratitude to you both!  Heather and Josh’s wedding was perfect!  Your estate was everything we hoped and dreamed it would be.
It seemed so long ago that we met you and started to plan Heather and Josh’s wedding.  I appreciate you working so hard to make this their perfect day.  I cannot tell you how everyone thought this was the most perfect place to have a wedding.  I agree!
We also could not have done this without Karen Berl.  She was wonderful!  I think you have an amazing venue and would recommend it to anyone.  Again, this ended up being the perfect wedding and reception for Heather and Josh!  Even though the barn was not complete, it didn’t matter!  The tent was perfect and it was exactly what Heather and Josh envisioned.
Thank you so much again for opening up your home and allowing us to share our most special day.  It was truly a day to remember!
Kim and Ed Lonsinger